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Promoting gender equality by imparting driving skills to women.

Employability – SWAYAM

Over the years, RPG Foundation has increased its focus on employment. The Foundation works to impart vocational skills to women and youth from less privileged sections of society and help them find gainful employment. The Foundation works with training partners that are recognized by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to implement the program across all RPG locations in India.

Swayam focuses on short term courses, of 3 to 6 months duration, that help beneficiaries enter the world of work quickly. Most of the beneficiaries trained under Swayam are first time job seekers – Swayam enables them to become financially independent and lead respectful lives.

Swayam focuses on both traditional and unconventional sectors, providing training for a wide spectrum of job roles. Some of the initiatives under Swayam are –

  • Swayam Health
  • Swayam Drive
  • Swayam Digital
  • Swayam Construction
  • Swayam Skills
  • Swayam Connect

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