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Bringing about change by providing an educational culture that enhances learning.


Support transformation of the education system in India to achieve its goals of increasing equity and employability among children and support teachers and schools to develop high quality learning spaces.

Pehlay Akshar – Schooling & Training

Primary education is a critical social need in India and is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. School Enrolment rates in India have seen a sharp rise in the last few decades with the government providing schools in nearly all habitations across the country. However, drop outs rates continue to be very high and employability remains

The Pehlay Akshar - Schooling program seeks to address this social need gap. This education project works with government school children for 6 continuous years wherein the intervention begins from the IV standard and continues till the IX standard. “Through this project, our goal is to impart English language proficiency, both in spoken and reading, to children thereby enabling them towards future employability. The practical spoken English skills will gear them towards a plethora of careers and the practical reading skills will enable them to participate in the online revolution to integrate into the global economies of the future.

Over 65% of children in India study in government run public schooling systems that have low accountability and inadequate infrastructure. Our interventions aim to work with the government run schools to provide those systems support to build accountability and pride.

One of our programs, Pehlay Akshar – Training works with teachers to help them create safe learning classrooms where they appreciate, motivate and engage young learners to actively participate and learn.

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