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Community Development

Saving lives by providing clean drinking water, basic nutrition and creating hygiene awareness.

Community Development

RPG Foundation focuses on meeting critical needs of the communities in and around the areas of operations of RPG Group Companies. The Foundation has adapted its interventions to suit the evolving needs of the community and works with local government bodies and other stakeholders to create a holistic impact. In recent times, the focus has been on the fight against COVID-19. Some of the interventions under community development are –

COVID-19 response – which includes food & ration distribution, donation of medical equipment, setting up Fever Clinics.

Other legacy outreach programs include - Access to clean drinking water, sanitation for schools & communities, Supplementary Nutrition Program for school children, Adolescent Health Initiative, Community Health Initiative, installation of Rainwater harvesting units, installation of solar street lights, supporting girl child education and Project Netranjali.

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