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Creating development opportunities for great talent.

Gen Y @ RPG

At RPG, we bring on board the best talent in the business and enable it to thrive. We have some of the finest employee practices like 360 degree feedbacks, a robust employee development program in the form of a Corporate University, periodic talent reviews, cross-functional job rotations and internal talent movements through Grow@RPG, the Group Management Resource Program, the Future Leader Board, campus engagement initiatives like RPG Blizzard, summer internships and many more.

rpg summer intern  
summer internship program

Earning one's stripes early on.

rpg group management resource program  
Group Management Resource Program

Meet RPG's brightest young minds.

rpg blizzard  
RPG Blizzard

A duel of wits between the finest of India's
B-School students.

rpg Future Leader Board (FLB)  
Future Leader Board

Shaping business strategies for the future.