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Every little success contributes towards the growth and development of the company.

The RPG Way

Leadership, innovation and collaboration define the RPG way. A happy, fun and productive environment reflects the group’s values, mission and beliefs. Group values and cultural pillars are ingrained into everyday life. RPG believes in creating success together, it believes in its people and stands by them. Therefore, a high-trust environment is fostered where employees share their positive experiences with each other.

Fun @ Work

Working at RPG is an enriching experience. While work is driven by innovation and passion, fun is taken seriously too. An open environment is encouraged making it easy to brainstorm with colleagues. Festivals and birthdays are celebrated with equal passion and cheer. Creative thinking is encouraged through time out activities. Moreover, the offices have been designed to foster creativity and communication, bringing a little bit of home into work everyday. A designated ChillZone equipped with a music station, video games, pool tables and a library also goes a long way towards making work a whole lot of fun!