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If there is an idea that can change the future, RPG Ventures will back it up.

RPG Ventures

RPG Ventures is the innovation oriented corporate venture capital and incubation team of the RPG Group.

We are looking for breakthrough startups and entrepreneurs to invest in. The objective is to find the next billion dollar companies for the Group. We are agnostic in terms of round of investment. Businesses that are driven by innovation, with strong leadership and that can potentially leverage synergies with the other companies of our Group would be preferred. Our objectives are strategic and long term and not oriented towards financial gains in the short term with fixed exit windows.

Opportunities we currently like are:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Technology in B2B segments
  • Automotive and automotive after-market
  • Infrastructure and project management

Partnering with RPG Ventures gives firms an opportunity to access the strength of the RPG Network - including strong industry expertise, market access and existing infrastructure.

Also, the Unleash program gives RPG employees a chance at entrepreneurship by funding startups run by them. Seniority Ltd., a portfolio company of RPG Ventures is the first startup under this initiative.

Please Contact

Sachin Nandgaonkar / Kunjan Chikhlikar

7th Floor, RPG House, 463 Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400030

022 24930621