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KEC International

KEC International, one of the largest engineering procurement and construction companies in the world, has transcended boundaries with operations in power transmission, distribution, railways, cables, water sector and renewable energy. The company has executed complex projects in tough, inhospitable terrains and continues to grow through localised strategies for each area.

The company’s innovative engineering feats include design, manufacture and construction of turnkey projects of power transmission lines up to 1200 kV, setting up high end sub-stations as well as optical fibre cable and extra high voltage (EHV) cable installations. Specialised transmission lines built by KEC International span huge raging rivers including the Nile in Egypt, Niger in Nigeria, the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the snowfields of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

KEC has already powered infrastructure development in more than 61 countries across Africa, Americas, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia and continues to expand its presence across the globe.

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