Promoting gender equality by imparting driving skills to women.


Swayam hopes to break stereotypes and pave a new path for women from low-income communities. The revolutionary initiative empowers women with driving skills, aiding their entry into the male-dominated field.  

Women are given exposure in various sectors such as cab transportation, home care, patient care, school bus driving and more. Besides training in driving, women undergo training in allied skills, namely, self-defence, basic spoken English, and mechanics. Once trained, they can take up employment as taxi drivers, school van/bus drivers, concierges at hotels, office, airports, as well as in the speciality service sectors.

The initiative enables women to build self-reliant families and in turn improve the quality of their life and the lives of their families. It also gives them the ability to play significant roles in their community and in the broader society. 

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Anagha Poojari

RPG House, 463,Dr. Annie Besant Rd., Worli, Mumbai - 400 030

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