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The word ‘Saksham’ means capable. True to its name, Saksham is an empowerment program being run across RPG’s plant locations on the premise that every individual is capable of being self- reliant. Increasing and facilitating the employability of youth and women is the goal towards which all initiatives undertaken through Saksham strive to achieve.

The program provides vocational training to women for alternate livelihood opportunities & technical skill training to youth to increase their employability. This is done through trainings provided to women and youth within the community as well as by reaching out to youth at colleges and providing them with access to technical skills in order to make them compatible and capable of keeping up with the latest employment requirements and trends.

The most prominent courses being provided are those of nursing, patient care, tailoring, retail, beauty care, and entrepreneurship skills training. The program is currently being carried out in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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