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Promoting gender equality by imparting driving skills to women.


There is an increase in sexual abuse and molestation cases against women and children in the taxis, school buses, etc. CEAT identified these safety and socio-economic issues and also the dearth of women drivers in the booming transport sector.

Since CEAT works in the transport industry adopted this issue and launched a unique women empowerment program - Project Swayam in 2014. It looks beyond the conventional alternate livelihood training programs and focuses on promoting gender equality & women's empowerment by driving powerful social change within the transport industry. CEAT strongly believes in breaking stereotypes in a fairly male dominated field and creating opportunities to pursue a career in driving.This program is also in alignment with the United Nation's 3rd Millennium Development Goal of promoting gender equality and women empowerment and is also incorporated as a Sustainable Development Goal on economic equality and women empowerment.

The program has garnered immense support from the Transport sector. This has enabled women drivers to work as Taxi Drivers, Forklift operators, in Driver-on-call services, in Valet parking services, as instructors, school van drivers, autorickshaw drivers and two-wheeler delivery personnel, amongst others.

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