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Eradicating darkness by providing quality eye health care to communities across India with limited access to better services.


According to the National Program for Control of Blindness, India has almost 6 million blind people, with 30,000 being added every year. Almost 80% of this blindness is preventable with early stage interventions. RPG Foundation's Netranjali powered by Ceat started with the goal to address this need and prevent avoidable blindness.

Through the program, we tend to individuals from communities below the poverty line with a special focus on the trucker community where good eyesight plays a key role in personal safety. At our eye health check up camps, we provide comprehensive eye check ups followed up promotive, preventive, rehabilitative and curative eye care. This ranges from providing free eye screenings to free spectacles and hospital referrals to those who are in need of any further eye care intervention e.g surgeries, medications etc. The program ensures sustainability by training the local government and community health workers and school teachers in eye care.

We've reached out to over 2,00,000 individuals across government schools and slum communities out of which 85,000 are truckers since the program's inception.

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