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Saving lives by providing clean drinking water, basic nutrition and creating hygiene awareness.


RPG Foundation believes in necessity of a conducive environment for each member of our community. However, widespread poverty in India hinders a good quality of life. According to a 2015 Deutsche Bank survey, 12.4% live in poverty (earning Rs 123.5 per day). These statistics warrant immediate interventions that to improve the standard of living in the country.

Jeevan is an integrated community development project. It seeks to create lasting and measurable impact in communities, and improve lives by providing solutions for holistic community development, wherein each offering is customized according to the needs of the community, leading to the creation of sustainable assets. The program focuses on improving overall quality of life of people through interventions in various areas such as: clean drinking water, sanitation, health and nutrition amongst others.

Through Project Jeevan, CEAT has touched the lives of more than 17000 people living in the vicinity of CEAT plants across multiple locations.

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