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CEAT Sri Lanka

CEAT and Kelani Tyres, have since the year 1992, combined their passion for innovation in tyres to become the largest domestic manufacturers of cross-ply and radial tyres in Sri Lanka. The joint venture has, today, established itself as a key source of tubeless tyres in local as well as international markets.

Its cutting-edge technologies, processes and practices produce high quality and economically advantageous automotive and industrial tyre solutions. The joint venture has also introduced vibration-free tyres with noise-free running. These tyres ensure efficient transmission of lateral forces to guarantee excellent driving stability and handling.

The organisation dominates Sri Lanka’s domestic tyre market with over 55% share in the truck and the light truck segment. It is also a market leader in two- and three-wheeler and farm tyres and with 450 dealers on board, it has one of the largest dealer networks across the island.

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